We also produce Inserts, Shells, Molds, Crucibles, Custom monolithics for molten metal handling, Filters and Pouring basins since 1982.

ASPEN TECHNOLOGY LLC. Has developed high quality Ceramic Products with Hybrid Technologies to meet the highest Industry Standards with capabilities in the USA and in México.

Complex Geometries with Stringent tolerances are now achievable.

Low tooling costs are possible by having an Innovative and Creative Engineering Staff with the most modern equipment and techniques available with CNC, Laser, wirecutting, EDM and 3-D Printing among others that comprise a portfolio of advanced manufacturing technologies.

ASPEN TECHNOLOGY LLC. Has the lowest turnaround time in the industry. Samples can be provided in a matter of days vs. weeks or even months.

A wide variety of Ceramic formulations allows ASPEN TECHNOLOGY LLC to offer Cores with Little or No reactivity for Standard or Exotic Steel Alloys, as well as for other Advanced Alloys, all while being easily cleaned from the mold/shell.

There are no additional set up charges or Engineering fees associated with our Advanced Tooling Concepts or the product.

There are no Set-up or minimum batch charges either.

Cores can be produced from fractions of an Ounce to hundreds of pounds.

Our prices are most competitive. Send us your RFQ and our Technical and Engineering staff in Colorado will be glad to process it quickly!


  • Best Sample delivery and Production turnaround time.
  • Industry´s lowest geometric variation.
  • Lowest Cost Tooling and fixtures. No separate Engineering, or set up charges.
  • Best product consistency and stability with uniform particle distribution.
  • Highly competitive prices, short, medium and large runs.
  • Any size of core can be made.
  • Good surface finish.
  • Ease for core removal and casting cleaning.